Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR represents CAMPUS 02 externally and is considered an information hub. Together with the PR Coordinators, we develop and realise strategic targets. Besides being a central service point, it also acts as an interface for internal communication processes.

Its tasks include:

  • Implementing strategic and interdisciplinary PR and communication concepts
  • Planning and coordinating PR and communication measures (interdisciplinary)
  • Concept and Design of information materials
  • Coordination of merchandising items, media activities (media plan, contacts to journalist); online and offline
  • Planning and execution of information events for people interested in studying
  • Presentation of CAMPUS 02’s specialist know-how and educational fairs and events
  • Contact for service providers (agencies, etc.)
  • CAMPUS 02 – public appearance design (incl. a CD manual)
  • Networking with different inter-university, public relations bodies

Services for Prospective Students

Marketing & PR is currently supported by a highly motivated team of students – the Study Info Team. The members provide authentic advice to people interested in studying at CAMPUS 02 and share their individual experiences from a student’s perspective.

  • Information events at CAMPUS 02
  • “studieren probieren” – try out what studying is like
  • Organisation of guided tours through CAMPUS 02 for school classes and groups
  • Advice and presentations at schools e.g. through information events
  • Advice and presentations at educational fairs
  • Download information material – or contact us here

Services for Schools

We support schools in the following ways:
• School classes interested in CAMPUS 02 are kindly invited to visit our university of applied sciences where we give them a comprehensive overview of our degree programme portfolio
• Upon invitation, our Study Info Team visits schools to give presentations and advice from a student’s perspective
• We support graduation classes with creating their “Maturazeitung*”
• We support the creation of annual school reports with CAMPUS 02 advertisements

* A type of school graduation report issued by the school graduates themselves