The prerequisite for participation in an exchange semester/year at CAMPUS 02 is an existing ERASMUS+ Agreement between your home institution and CAMPUS 02. Find out in good time if such an agreement is in force or if the International Office of your home institution can set the wheels in motion for such an agreement to be put in place, as appropriate.

Furthermore, please bear in mind that it is usually necessary to submit an application to several offices (to the Faculty Office or Degree Programme Office of your home institution, to the International Office of your home institution, to the International Office of your host institution). Please make sure to hand in the required application documents by the corresponding deadlines.

  1. You submit your application to your home institution.
  2. Your home institution approves your study place for 1 to 2 semesters at CAMPUS 02
  3. The relevant contact person at your home institution sends a nomination email to the International Office at CAMPUS 02 (Winter Semester: 15 May / Summer Semester: 15 October).
  4. You receive a nomination confirmation from the International Office at CAMPUS 02.
  5. The International Office at your home institution submits the required application documents in one pdf file to the International Office at CAMPUS 02 (Winter Semester: 1 June / Summer Semester: 1 November):
  6. Once your complete application has been submitted, it will be duly processed.

As soon as you have received the nomination confirmation from the International Office of CAMPUS 02 you can apply for accommodation via the OeAD Housing Office or via the website of the Austrian National Union of Students [ÖH]. Further practical information for the planning of your exchange semester/year can be found on the website “Incoming”.

Please observe the conditions of entry and residence which are in force in Austria as well as the mandatory registration with the local authorities.

The International Office of CAMPUS 02 will provide you with the dates of the mandatory Introduction Day and the mandatory meeting/s with your degree programme coordinator/s before leaving for Graz.

During the Introduction Day you will receive a welcome pack, your student card as well as the payment slip for the mandatory student union fees. In addition, you will be provided with information on studying CAMPUS 02.

During the meeting/s with your degree programme coordinator/s you will discuss your course choice and your timetable, make necessary changes in your Learning Agreement and register in the finally agreed courses.

In case you plan to arrive before the date specified, please contact the International Office of CAMPUS 02 for an individual appointment (international@campus02.at).

Do not forget to pick up your confirmation of stay from the International Office prior to your departure. The confirmation will be issued one week before you are leaving at the earliest. Provided that all your grades appear in the system, you will receive your transcript of records together with your confirmation of stay from the International Office. If this is not the case, the transcript will be sent to you by the International Office at a later date.