Projects for and with businesses

Application-oriented projects with partners from the industry aim at fulfilling a task in a way that our business partners can benefit the most from the solution.

Research in this area draws from state-of-the-art technology, takes our partner’s resources and the technical solution’s appropriate level of complexity into account. Projects are run professionally by small, efficient teams and prioritise the customer’s objective.

Extensive experience, great cooperation and notable results – this segment of research projects is CAMPUS 02’s strength.

Portraitfoto Martin Karner
Martin Karner, MA
Head of Innovation Management
Weitzer Parkett GmbH & CO KG

Through innovation manager training at CAMPUS 02, I could anchor specialist knowledge in our company, but the fact that CAMPUS 02’s expertise accompanied me over the years was very important and valuable in order to become an innovation leader



Kleinunternehmen sind überproportional häufig von einer Unternehmensinsolvenz betroffen. Wie kann diese jedoch möglichst vermieden werden? Die Studienrichtung Rechnungswesen & Controlling an der FH CAMPUS 02 setzt sich mit dieser Fragestellung…

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