Barriere-free Studying

Studying with disabilities, chronic health problems or other impairments may involve more effort and make studying more difficult. To us however, it is important that your disability is not an obstacle to your academic journey!

Since information from all parties, good preparation, appropriate resources and some special arrangements all help to overcome many obstacles, please inform your Head of Degree Programme about your disability or chronic health problem, especially when the impairment is not obvious. You can only receive the support you need by contacting us! Any disability-related information is treated as confidential.

If in any case you feel as though you could not speak with your Head of Degree Programme about your disability, you have the option of speaking to our Gender & Diversity Management Coordinator and find out about support options. Anonymous consultation over the telephone is also possible!

Our Services for Students with Disabilities

We offer consulting in the following areas:

Study materials

At CAMPUS 02, study materials such as PowerPoints and/or scripts are located on the learning platform Moodle. If you would like to record audio or video files of classes, you must ask for permission to do so from the lecturer.

If you require study materials in a different format (e.g. RoboBraille), do not hesitate to contact us.

Individually designed exam conditions

We are happy to inform you about individually designed exam conditions. This means that even though your performance is the same as your fellow students’, you require different ways and methods to take exam. Please contact us if this is the case for you.

Exam and Laptop

In consultation with the Head of Degree Programme, the method used during the exam and exam conditions can be adapted to your needs. If you require technical equipment other than your own, please inform us at the beginning of your studies/during matriculation.

Other individually designed support for everyday student life

Mobile hearing induction loops
Course unit notes and minutes
Copying, scanning
Transporting material needed for studying
Support in laboratories
Orientation support or guidance to CAMPUS 02 facilities and to the library

In the case of an emergency such as fire, safety measures need to be taken fast. Therefore, helping students with disabilities in emergency situations requires special preliminary measures. We hope that dangerous situations will never occur, but if the situation requires evacuation, it is vital that competent help reaches you in time.

CAMPUS 02 has therefore developed an emergency plan that describes evacuation measures for students with disabilities or chronic health problems in the case of emergency.

Students with limited mobility

Students with limited mobility can access lecture halls in the new wing of Zusertal, Körblergasse 126. Lecture halls CZ 001 – 004 are on the ground floor, with level exits and exits to the hall. On the 1st floor, lecture halls CZ 102 – 110 can be reached by lift and exits are located between lecture halls CZ 106 and CZ 107.

Booking lecture halls that are accessible to you can be done in consultation with your degree programme and the Info Point.

Students with impaired sight or hearing

Organisational matters are handled by the lecturers and Info Point. As a safety measure, using lecture halls for studying on your own is not possible. For study purposes, we provide computers in the hall and working spaces in the library. A librarian is always present during opening times.

Web accessibility refers to guaranteeing equal access to the internet for people with disabilities. These include people with impaired sight and limited mobility that use special software.

In order to guarantee web accessibility, the World Wide Web Consortium’s (w3c) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for designing websites or learning platforms such as Moodle need to be considered. WCAGs 2.0 are based on four principles that are comprised of 12 guidelines. Every guideline must be followed according to success factors (61 in total) as defined by the WCAGs 2.0. Every success factor is rated by priority (A, AA or AAA), each demonstrating the level of importance to people with disabilities.


We welcome both positive and negative feedback. Let us know what you think, so that we can make studying accessible and enjoyable to you!

With your feedback we have the chance to continuously improve our student disability services and root sustainable solutions in our university of applied sciences. Please send us an email or call us!