Executive Board

The CAMPUS 02 Executive Board comprises of a Scientific and a Commercial CEO whose competencies and areas of responsibility are defined within the internal rules of procedure. The Board represents the company externally under the dual control principle and is empowered to issue mandatory declarations

Scope of functions

Joint responsibilities
  • Joint external signatory power
  • Contact with partners (General Assembly, partner representatives)
  • Strategy and organisational development process
  • Joint management: Digitalisation & IT Services, R&D Coordination, Student Services & International Office, Gender & Diversity Management, PR & Communication

Responsibilities of Scientific CEO

  • Disciplinary leadership: Heads of degree programmes
  • Centre for teaching excellence
  • Content aspects of degree programmes, unless they fall under the autonomy of the degree programmes
Responsibilities of Commercial CEO
  • Quality Management
  • Disciplinary and technical leadership: Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting, Facility Management/Infopoint, Alumni Management, Library
  • Representation in the Austrian Council of Universities of Applied Sciences and Austria Quality Assurance Organisation (infrastructural/financial aspects)