Facility Management

By providing the appropriate infrastructure for students, lecturers and staff members, their study, teaching and work activities at CAMPUS 02 are facilitated.

The Facility Management Coordinators are responsible for matters related to the infrastructure of CAMPUS 02. From providing a clean environment to well-equipped lecture halls.

Lecture halls and offices beginning with “CZ” are located in the main building, Campus Zusertal, Körblergasse 126 (see room plans Campus Zusertal). 126 ( Floor-space plans Campus Zusertal).

Other lecture halls and offices are situated in the following premises:

  • Campus Rosenhof (CR), Körblergasse 106
  • Campus wing in WIFI (C), Körblergasse 111-113
  • Rooms in WIFI (no letters, only numbers), Körblergasse 111-113

If you have any questions, please contact our coordinators at the Info Point located in the hall of Campus Zusertal, they are happy to help.

Parking in the area around CAMPUS 02, Wirtschaftskammer (Styria Economic Chamber), WIFI Steiermark and Sozialversicherung der gewerblichen Wirtschaft (SVA) is by permit only. Lecturers and students can purchase monthly (single or several) or yearly permits at the Parking Service to the left of the WIFI car park in the grey containers (see site map).

If you have any questions, please contact the Parking Service Styria Economic Chamber directly.

The fire protection regulations serve as a tool for the prevention of escalation of fire, the briefing regarding the proper behaviour in case of fire as well as the securing of effective firefighting measures and thereby prevent or limit the threatening of people and material assets.

Fire protection rules

Appropriate infrastructure can only be provided if all persons comply with the code of conduct. These rules are summarised in the House Rules, emphasising that considerate and appreciative behaviour are the basis for smooth team work between all groups of people. Please view our House Rules 

In order to guarantee full accessibility to our University of Applied Sciences, we provide a range of infrastructure and personnel support. Find all information on this topic here.

If you need help, our staff members at the Info Point are there to support you at any time.

Feedback & Suggestions

If you have any suggestions of improvement or complaints concerning the CAMPUS 02’s infrastructure, please contact us via telephone, email or with the following contact form: