General Information

With studying or undertaking an internship abroad you have the chance to change perspectives, rise up to new challenges, acquire or hone foreign language skills and immerse into a foreign culture. The friends you make during your stay are ones for a life time and represent a valuable private as well as professional and international network.

This is the reason why there is an increasing number of students that choose to work or study abroad.

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Insurance cover

You are advised to clarify whether you are adequately insured in good time prior to embarking on your international traineeship.
Your insurance cover should include the following items for the entire duration of your secondment abroad:

  • Health insurance

For traineeships in the EU, European Economic Area or Switzerland, you are entitled to healthcare thanks to the “European Health Insurance Card” on the back of your healthcare card. You will, however, be required to pay for certain services yourself (for example: if you are admitted to hospital). To cover any potential additional costs, it is advisable to organise supplementary insurance cover.
In most other countries you must bear the entire cost of any treatment yourself and can only apply for partial reimbursement upon your return, subject to the submission of original proofs of payment. As such, we strongly recommend that you organise private health insurance cover. Detailed information about health insurance and possible additional or private health insurance cover can be found here.

  • Accident and third party liability insurance 

As a member of the Austrian National Union of Students (more Infos, German only) you have accident and third party liability insurance cover. If your host company requires confirmation of this, please send an e-mail to studierendenversicherung@oeh.ac.at (Subject: Confirmation) stating name, address, matriculation number and personal identification number, name of the educational institution. Please attach confirmation of enrolment.

  • Travel and repatriation insurance
    In general, this type of insurance is not available through your health insurance, nor is it covered by your membership in the Austrian National Union of Students. However, students are often covered for such insurance under the terms of their credit card (VISA, MasterCard etc.) leisure insurance (OeAV – Austrian Alpine Club, ÖAMTC – Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club) or other such insurance policy. (NB: This type of cover might only be valid for a limited period of time only).

For all insurance covers: 

Be sure to check your existing or newly-arranged insurance policy extremely carefully, since the scope of indemnity can vary greatly and/or be subject to certain conditions!