Our Mission

Work-integrated, industry and practice-oriented

CAMPUS 02 sees itself as a university of applied sciences for the industry and gears to the needs of companies to further develop their competitiveness and business location.

Our practice-oriented degree programmes include a work-integrated learning approach and are tailored to the needs of key positions in companies. The purposefully designed curricula prepare students to take on specialist (Bachelor’s) and senior management positions (Master’s).

What we offer: Business location support

We support the competitiveness of business locations by offering the following:

  • academic training
  • scientifically sound vocational training
  • transfer and R&D services in cooperation with other education and research institutions


CAMPUS 02 defines its target audience as follows:

  • companies in Styria
  • extra-occupational students working in companies within a 200 km range
  • full-time students from all around Austria

What we do: Learn to be able to act

We train our students to become intra and entrepreneurs whose skills include:

  • identifying challenges and overcoming them with their acquired knowledge and skills
  • introducing and using state-of-the-art technologies and tools in companies
  • identifying processes of change in companies’/in different sectors’ frameworks, business models and processes taking appropriate steps within the company by using their acquired skills