Generally, all buildings and lecture halls at CAMPUS 02 (CAMPUS Zusertal, CAMPUS Rosenhof, WIFI wing) can be accessed independently and without the use of stairs.

There are, however, separate areas in the old building (Zusertal) that are not accessible. Due to the fact that this building is heritage-listed, far-reaching changes such as installing an external lift are not permitted. In detail, this applies to four lecture halls (CZ 128, CZ 129, CZ 138 and CZ 233), parts of the central administration offices and Degree Programme in Financial Accounting & Management Accounting offices.

Where possible, we offer adequate solutions to you e.g. if the above mentioned lecture halls are not accessible to you, course units will not take place in these rooms and meetings will be held in the accessible areas of CAMPUS 02. Please contact the office of your degree programme or the Info Point.


Further Informationen & Services

There are 3 lifts (Zusertal building, Rosenhof west wing, the WIFI wing of CAMPUS 02) to reach all floors, each of them equipped with Braille signs.

In Rosenhof and the WIFI wing, floor numbers are announced via speakers. In Zusertal, Braille markings can be found on the lift’s door frame at a height of 1.10 m.

  • Zusertal ground floor (hall)
  • Zusertal, 1st floor
  • Rosenhof, ground floor
  • WIFI wing, 3rd floor

Our library team is happy to help you with its services.


The University of Graz offers a literature service for the visually impaired.

Literature services for the visually impaired

CAMPUS 02 can be reached by bus line 39 (Holding Graz); get off at Styria Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer).

In Graz, all buses are low floor vehicles, while there are different models for trams. According to the regular tram timetables, every second tram with the same number should be a low floor one.

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A mobile hearing induction loop is available at the Infopoint in the hall.

CAMPUS 02 provides the following disabled parking according to § 29b Traffic Regulations in Austria for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users:

Next to the main entrance of CAMPUS 02

This parking space is slightly at an angle, but close to the main entrance. If you require a level parking space, please contact Ms Rosenberg, Head of Facility Management. This parking space is located behind the Villa “Ferry”, but is unfortunately further away from CAMPUS 02’s main entrance.

8 disabled parking spaces on Wirtschaftskammer (Styria Economic Chamber)/WIFI premises
4 opposite the main entrance to WIFI
3 opposite the entrance to the Styria Economic Chamber
1 at the entrance to WIFI’s 900 rooms

8 disabled parking spaces on Wirtschaftskammer (Styria Economic Chamber)/WIFI premises

4 opposite the main entrance to WIFI
3 opposite the entrance to Wirtschaftskammer (Styria Economic Chamber)
1 at the entrance to WIFI’s 900 rooms

Map Disabled Parking

The Wirtschaftskammer (Styria Economic Chamber ) is responsible for the parking service and can be reached via email service@wko-parken.at or telephone +43 316 601-8920.

If you encounter any barriers or obstacles in relation to the infrastructure, please contact us straight away. We will do our best to accommodate your individual requirements.