IT Services for Alumni

Here we provide an overview of how you can use CAMPUS 02’s IT infrastructure and which people you can contact.


Office 365

CAMPUS 02 takes part in the Microsoft programme “Office 365 Education“. CAMPUS 02 offers a Microsoft Office 365 account to students for the duration of their studies and to lecturers during employment as teaching staff.

Office 365 offers email and calendar administration, a platform for creating, editing and saving documents and services for real-time communication and web conferences.

For more information on Office 365 please visit http://www.microsoft.com/de-at/education.

Assistance for Office 365 can be found under: https://support.office.com/en-gb?omkt=en-GB


In the Office 365 Portal you can get access to all services offered to you. Sign in with your user data (username = email address):

OneDrive Login

The portal allows you to download recommended software and change the account settings.

With one click top left on the small boxes, the apps view is opened. The offered applications are listed here:


Office 365 App-Übersicht


Get direct access to email and calendar administration here: Office 365.

Setting up different email clients

To configure email clients for your email account, please sign in as described in “How can I get access to Office 365?”. On the homepage you can find information on how to set up your email account.


Link zur Einrichtung von E-Mails

Procedures for setting up different email clients are described on different platforms.


Server settings:

Due to the fact that server settings can change, the data is provided without warranty:

IMAP settings

Server name: outlook.office365.com

Port: 993

Encryption method: SSL (TLS)

SMTP settings

Server name: smtp.office365.com

Port: 587

Encryption method: SSL (TLS)

OneDrive is a service for storing and sharing files, similar to Dropbox. The storage available is 1 Terabyte.

OneDrive can be opened via the tiles on the homepage of Office 365. Under applications you can find your PC’s client for synchronising files: OneDrive for Business.

Your Microsoft Office 365 account also includes a Skype for Business account. With Skype for Business students and part-time lecturers are offered a comprehensive communication solution. They have access to functions such as chats, audio and video calls, online meetings and web conferences (e.g. virtual classroom).

For more information on Skype for Business features, click here.

The software can also be used on your smartphone (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone). To use it, download the app Skype for Business onto your smartphone operation system.

Students can set up one Microsoft SharePoint website per academic year. All students of the same year are SharePoint Administrators and can use the website to store data, create forums and more.

If lecturers would like to exchange views and information with students of the academic year via SharePoint, the students will need to configure the settings themselves and invite the lecturer.

The team website is accessible via the Office 365 Portal. Click on open SharePoint homepage or click on team website in the header. Here you can see an overview of all years, but you can only administrate your year.

Find configuration support for the SharePoint server here.