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Platform Automation Technology Styria

CAMPUS 02 does not only consider itself a knowledge platform and cooperation partner for the industry, but also regards itself as an active initiator and driver of topics and initiatives.

The Platform Automation Technology Styria was initiated by CAMPUS 02, Mr Udo Traussnigg (Head of Degree Programme in Automation Technology), the company M&R-Automation, and the Styrian Chambers of Commerce – industry division. The platform is an independently cooperating and sector-overlapping network of companies that are active in this area. The platform’s fundamental objectives are:

  • Establishment/Strengthening of the automation technology network through events, company presentations and visits and presentation of projects in the Degree Programme in Automation Technology
  • Communication of relevant knowledge to/information for platform participants via the media, workshops and seminars
  • Transfer of under and overcapacity (in the area of materials management, machine operation times, personnel resources) in order to optimise operation load

Since the first meeting on 25 September 2008 more than 60 companies have actively integrated themselves into the platform.